Nothing to say

When I was about 15 years old, my dad (yet again) reiterated his belief that I had no people skills and needed to work on them.  Both my and a friend’s parents used to joke that they didn’t know if/when our voices deepened because they never heard us speak.  I stayed in that mode until about my 2nd year in college, when I finally found some things to say, mostly to the Christian wackos that regularly manned a foldable desk in the student union.  From that point forward, I began to act on my dad’s advice and experimented with my interactions with others, exploring the gamut between complete silence and gregarious (angry or happy) expression.  I put those social skills to good use in my roles at Lockheed Martin and the Santa Fe Institute.  I used them a bit at the dot-coms I worked at later.  But I’d begun to lose my enthusiasm for it.  This and previous web logs and email lists were/are the last vestige of that meager desire to express my opinions.

I now find myself with a nearly complete lack of such desire.  Nothing to say.  ∴ Nothing posted.