OR Measure 92

So far, it looks like Oregon’s Measure 92 has failed: Oregonian’s County-by-County maps. I voted yes. But I can sympathize with those who voted no. Scientific literacy came up quite a bit in discussions of the measure and the justification for the labeling, as well as evidence for health and environmental impacts of genetically engineered/modified crops. So, I decided to spend a few minutes looking for some correlation between the votes by county in OR and the scientific literacy in those counties. I didn’t get very far. But I did find this: oregon-bachelors-by-county-2005-2009

Here’s a screenshot of the Oregonlive.com map as of 2014-11-05-08:33: oregonian-measure-92-cbyc-2014-11-05-0833

Since it’s qualitative, I won’t make any comments. I just wanted to log it here and maybe come back to it later.